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   The following tables demonstrate that cultural trends coincide with economic cycles because their principal purpose lies in activating human minds in order to change the up-to-now economic behaviour and redirect them to such activities as may outbalance the whole social system and adjust it to new perspective requirements. Curves of growth reflect several types of cyclic units listed below. They are manifested as shifts of aesthetic taste, style, fashion and mood and function mental substrate subliming into social, artistic, religious and philosophical ideas. 



Maps of Nostratic Migrations:

The diaspora of Europid Corded Ware cultures

Migrations of Uralic and Mongolic hunters

Migrations of Tungusoid and Pelasgoid fishermen

Migrations of Pygmoid and Laponoid tribes

Migrations of Celtic and Alpine urnfielders

Migrations of Caucasoid peasants

Migrations of Australonegroid and Caucasoid hand-axe cultures

Migrations of Hallstatt and Sarmatoid horse pastoralists

Diaspora of Scythoid and Bascoid megalith-builders